Chosson Teacher Training

Chosson Teacher Training

Couples who go to premarital counseling experience a 30% increase in relationship satisfaction. (Source: Journal of Family Psychology)

Learn the skills of a chosson teacher beyond hilchos niddah, including how to guide chossonim in issues related to sexuality and intimacy, and how to prepare newly engaged couples for the wedding and married life with strong foundations in communication, conflict resolution and financial management.

Sample Topics:

  • Overview of topics to teach chossonim
  • Teaching about sexuality and intimacy
  • How to recognize red-flag issues
  • Top hilchos niddah issues chossonim (and rabbis) should be aware of
  • Birth control and infertility
  • Communication, conflict resolution and compromise
  • Chosson-training issues unique to the world of outreach and college campuses
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Course Coordinator:

Rabbi Shmuel Maybruch, LCSW

Psychotherapist and Relationship Coach at The Relationship Couple, LLC, and Chosson Teacher

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