Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the courses?

All of the recordings, articles and materials will be accessible in a special section of Rabbanan.org that only course participants have access to. It is accessible on Rabbanan.org by going to the Rabbanan Nav bar, selecting Online Education ->YOUR SPECIFIC COURSE.

How do I watch the recordings?

The different video lectures for each session are embedded and viewable in the course page on Rabbanan, or you can download them by clicking through the post to Vimeo where the video is stored. All videos are password protected, and the password will be listed above each video. Additionally, a “just audio” version of each session will be posted (which is often easier for reviewing at a later point).

What if I have questions for one of the presenters?

If you have follow up questions or clarifications after watching a session, you can contact the presenter (their contact info is listed on their session page) or course coordinator who are happy to help you.

Can I share the recordings or handouts with my colleagues or with friends on Facebook?

Please do not share the videos or personal anecdotes from the course with others outside the course. We would like to keep this a safe environment where presenters can share openly to enhance your learning.

Do I receive any professional recognition or credential for taking the course?

RIETS Rabbinic Alumni will receive a certificate of completion from RIETS as part of a continuing education program for its Rabbinic Alumni. All others will receive a certificate of completion from Yeshiva University Center for the Jewish Future.

How long do I have to watch the whole course?

While you will have access to the recordings and materials on Rabbanan indefinitely, the course and final exam must be completed within 6 months to be eligible for a certificate of participation.

Can anyone apply for the courses?

These CRE courses are offered as continuing education programming for Rabbinic Alumni of RIETS who will receive a certificate of completion from RIETS. Other Orthodox rabbis are welcome to apply to take the courses and receive a certificate of completion from Yeshiva University’s Center for the Jewish Future.